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Printing aluminum coil

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Printing aluminum coil / Printing plate / The steel plate

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Prevent steel from rusting
  • The machine material is well decorated
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Mechanical strength
  • Easy to shape

Product Details

Color steel coil is a kind of composite material also known as color coated steel plate is made of strip steel in the production line after continuous surface degreasing, phosphating and other chemical transcoating treatment, coated with organic coating by baking products. A bit of both steel and organic materials. Both the mechanical strength of steel plate and easy to form the performance, but also a good decorative organic materials, corrosion resistance.

Color steel coil coating types can be divided into: polyester (PE), silicon modified polyester (SMP), polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), high weathering polyester (HDP), clinker sol.

Caigang materials are divided into five categories: packaging, home appliances, building materials, optical materials and decorative materials.

Shandong xiutang new material co. LTD

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